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Duct Cleaning Services in Farmington Hills, MI

Protect Your Health With Ductwork Cleaning From USA Pro-Vac

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For honesty, integrity, and responsibility, you can rely on family-run businesses – such as USA Pro-Vac. Our crew of technicians strictly follows the stringent standards of HVAC cleaning and maintenance set by NADCA, and we always treat our clients and their residences with the same regard as we would our own.

We take pride in providing the finest duct cleaning services in the Farmington Hills, MI area, along with our commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality work – these are our topmost priorities. Every team member is EPA/NATE certified, and a specialist in residential, industrial, and commercial heating & cooling repairs, installations, and maintenance.

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Air Duct Cleaning In Farmington Hills MI

Lowers monthly utility costs -- typical households save between $5-25/month.
Assists in alleviating asthma, headaches, bronchitis, sinusitis & allergies.
Enhances air circulation and system performance throughout the residence.
Boosts comfort by reducing the time needed to heat or cool the dwelling.
Eliminates pollen, spores, dust, dead skin cells, microbes, pet dander, hair, and more.

Why is regular air duct cleaning so crucial? On average, individuals spend between 60% and 90% of their time indoors, and polluted indoor air causes or exacerbates 20% of illnesses (according to the American Lung Association & EPA). It’s advisable for every customer to understand the air duct cleaning process. This knowledge helps consumers distinguish between a legitimate air duct cleaning service and potential scams, and also prepares them for what to expect when we arrive at your home.

Prolong Your Equipment's Lifespan

Dirt and dust are responsible for 90% of system breakdowns.

The fan inside your air handler serves to maintain the heat exchanger's temperature. Build-up of dirt and debris can cut the CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) by up to 50%. This is the leading cause of heat exchanger cracks. Regular system cleaning can help avoid early deterioration and failure of your heating and cooling system.

Lower Your Energy Expenses

The EPA states that a mere .042 inches of dirt accumulation on a heating coil can lead to a 21% drop in efficiency. A well-maintained air conveyance system can enhance efficiency and potentially decrease your heating and cooling expenses.

Minimize Domestic Dust and Dander

Source elimination duct cleaning can aid in decreasing domestic dust by eliminating the dust from where it circulates the most - through your air duct system.

Keep Your Employees, Customers, & Tenants Healthy & Comfortable with Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services

Whether you manage a large office building property, a small business, or a multi-family residence, USA Pro-Vac has the knowledge, equipment, and experience needed to provide fast and effective air duct cleaning for any commercial property.

Due to the large number of people often occupying large office buildings and multi-family properties at any given time, commercial properties are particularly prone to a build-up of pollutants that lead to poor indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality is a leading cause of allergies and dirty air ducts can harvest bacteria that spreads illnesses. By ensuring that your air ducts remain clean, you can prevent having sick employee, increase the productivity of your workplace, and ensure that you have happy, healthy tenants. Contact USA Pro-Vac to schedule air duct cleaning for your commercial property today!

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Farmington Hills MI

USA Pro-Vac offers the most thorough and efficient dryer vent cleaning and air vent cleaning in Farmington Hills, MI, capable of removing dust, grime, fibers, lint, and other debris from your residential or commercial ventilation system. The accumulation of unwanted dust and lint in your system can not only cause fires but also escalate energy costs and prolong the drying time for your laundry.

How frequently should I have my dryer vents cleaned?

Regular cleaning

This is for clients who adhere to a consistent cleaning schedule for their dryer vent. We clean all dryer vents from the outside using a high-powered, compressed air device known as a jet-snake. The jet-snake propels through the vent, dislodging lint, debris, and nests, and expelling them outside. It can typically navigate 2 or 3 corners, cleaning up to the flexible hose behind the dryer. No lint is allowed to enter the dryer or the home.

Specialized cleaning

This service is provided when a specific dryer isn't drying clothes efficiently. We disconnect and move the dryer, doing whatever is necessary to ensure the vent is clean! This usually occurs when the dryer vent has not been cleaned before.

Client Testimonials

-Hector C.

"Called a few places to get quotes and from the get go USA Pro's customer service was amazing! The guys that came out took the time to let me see and explained everything so I understood exactly what I was paying for. Customer service was amazing and their prices are awesome. Totally recommend!"

- Sofia H.

"Did a great job with the duct cleaning! Also took care of minor problems here and there. Thoroughly explains every step of the way. Were on time. Very kind and helpful with how to take care of our system for the future. AS well as great price. Wonderful savings!"

- Diana G.

"The technicians were professional, polite, and hardworking. They explained everything in details before and after cleaning. They also gave good suggestions. No doubt I will hire them again and again, each time needed."

- Patrick P.

"The crew was friendly and respectful and did a good job explaining the work that would be done as well as showing the before and after. They also made good recommendations for filter use and humidifier changes. The total time was just over an hour, and they made it quick and easy. USA Pro-Vac is the best ac duct cleaning Farmington Hills MI company. Will use them in the future."

- Christopher K.

"USA Pro-Vac is highly recommended! They showed up on time, were very professional, finished quickly, and, most importantly, did a fantastic job - our HVAC had not been cleaned for 30+ years and was full of dust & debris from recent renovations, including plaster removal. Still, USA Pro-Vac left it clean and fresh, far better than I expected or thought possible. They were a small amount higher priced than others I quoted, but they were worth every dime. Best duct cleaning Farmington hills MI."

-Ben M.

"We were considering going with Modernistic for our cleanings but decided to get another quote first, and I'm glad we did. These guys were super responsive, friendly and professional during the whole process. I have no intention of going to any other company for our duct cleanings going forward. Fast, very clean and considerate. We reccomend USA Pro-vac as the best air vent cleaning farmington hills"

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