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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Troy, MI

There's No Building Too Large for Our Team and Technology!

No business, commercial space, or facility is too large, too small, or too dusty for airduct cleaning services. Our powerful truck-mounted vacuum system is capable of delivering enough suction to effectively remove all dirt and debris from even the largest and most complex ventilation systems.

Why Should You Get Regular Cleaning Air Ducts for Your Business or Property?

Benefits of industrial duct cleaning

You should be aware of the advantages for your organization before contracting with another company to clean your air ducts. Before spending the money, you want to be sure that air ducts cleaning is necessary. Regularly cleaning your commercial building’s air ducts has several advantages. 

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Anyone who owns or manages a large commercial building is already aware of how quickly energy costs can build up, especially in the hottest and coldest months of the year. According to the EPA, about buildup even less than a half-inch of dirt can reduce your building’s efficiency by over 20%!

Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Allowing dust and debris to accumulate inside of your air handler, which is responsible for keeping the heat exchanger cool, can cause it to fail, leading to cracks in the heat exchanger. Having it cleaned is the best way to prevent premature breakdowns and aging in your HVAC system, prolonging its lifespan significantly.

Protect Your Health

According to the American Lung Association and the EPA, poor indoor air quality is responsible for, or aggravates, 205 of illnesses. Considering the average person spends 60% to 90% of their time indoors, failing to clean your air ducts can result in a much higher risk for any number of sicknesses.

Reduces the possibility of a fire starting in blocked air ducts

When you turn on the heat in winter, hot air passes through your air ducts. This heat could start a fire if the air ducts are extremely unclean. Avoid creating a fire hazard that could harm your workers or the commercial facility.


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    Barb H.

    "Best money ever spent. Cleaned dryer vent, all ductwork, and sanitized ductwork. No more sneezing, sore throats, or allergies since this was done. Extremely helpful and honest people. Highly recommend."

    Kelly L.

    "We got our air ducts cleaned and sanitized along with our chimney cleaned. I can’t say enough good things about this company! Informative and honest, also affordable!! Highly recommend!"

    Margaret L

    "We had heating and air conditioning ductwork cleaned and sanitized, dryer ductwork cleaned, and A/C checked. Their technicians were very up-front, informative, professional, courteous, insistent on making sure we understood what was being done and why, and genuinely cared about doing a good and thorough job. If only every company operated this way! HIGHLY recommended!!"

    Megan S

    "Very professional, friendly, and great explanation of services. Highly recommend!"

    Thomas Nummer

    "Very professional and polite. Highly recomend"


    "Excellent service - super friendly and helpful!"

    Thinh Nguyen

    "Excellent service really exceeds expectations. Highly recommend."

    Matt Goethals

    "Great service, showed up on time and explained the whole process. Did a very thorough job and completed it ahead of schedule"

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