Fireplace & Chimney Cleaning in Troy, MI

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Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Your Fireplace With Professional Chimney Cleaning

Did you know that experts recommend having your chimney cleaned at least once a year to prevent house fires and allow dangerous fumes to safely exit your home?

When left unmaintained, a chimney can become caked with a flaky deposit called creosote. Over time, creosote can become baked onto the sides of the chimney and cause what is called glazing, making it difficult to remove without specialized equipment. Creosote is flammable, and if it is allowed to build up over a long period of time, it becomes an increasing fire risk, as burning creosote is the leading cause of chimney fires and is known to crack tile lines, allowing heat and flames to penetrate into the walls of the home.

When you call USA Pro-Vac, our professional cleaning team will perform a visual inspection to assess potential safety risks and determine if you require a chimney cleaning. Following inspection, the chimney will be cleaned as needed and reinspected to ensure no additional safety hazards exist before giving the go-ahead to continue normal usage of your fireplace.

Avoiding Chimney Fires

Chimney fires are very dangerous, and it's essential to keep your chimney in good working order to ensure safety and protect you home from damage. To avoid chimney fires, we recommend a regular cleaning schedule, ranging from monthly to no less than once a year, depending on the frequency of usage, the type of wood you burn, and the type of wood burning unit you operate.

If you do experience a chimney fire, call your local fire department immediately and then attempt to use only a multi-purpose, dry chemical extinguisher to extinguish it. For professional chimney cleaning services, contact USA Pro-Vac today to schedule an inspection and get your free estimate.